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Shruthi (shruti) Akshara Hassan hot photo gallery

Shruthi Akshara Hassan hot photo gallery

Shruthi (shruti) Akshara Hassan Hot photo Shoot. She is looking very hot in this costume.

Arvind Kejriwal's violations for Hidden Black Money in Swiss Bank

Arvind Kejriwal open to other violations may allegations today, this time by arguing that the details of black money hidden in a Swiss Bank's top industrialists. The Press Conference comes after Mr. Robert VANDRA Kejriwal is alleged scandals, Nitin Gadkari, Salman Khurshid and led group Mukesh Ambani addiction.

In The Press Conference Below Topics are discuss:

The day was a redesign that I received a message from the effective leader of the Congress-argument that we need to stop on Robert VADRA. When we did the previous exhibition, the BJP said, we have a weekly market exposes. I wish to say that-" there are so many scams, has a weekly market, every transaction is necessary.

4th expose of kejriwal is Swiss Bank account holders

NEW DELHI: continuation of their agenda about the destruction of the "sacred cows" in politics and business, activist Arvind Kejriwal India against corruption (IAC) on Friday a press conference to the black money in Swiss banks accounts exposing holders.

Kejriwal gave details of the bank account holders, where the best company honchos. IAC said the Government is not the details of the holders of the bank account the bank HSBC 700 in Geneva-activist.

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